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Racer API | AnyPoint Speedway

Anypoint Speedway ( The MuleSoft API Race Where Acceleration Meets Integration ) is launched with Season 3. So, Muleys all around the world get ready to RACE . Once we scroll through the  instructions , we see a need for Racer API, which will be used to compete in the race. Currently, Racer API can be built in any of the platforms, all it needs is a public endpoint with implementation as per specification . But, we are the MuleSoft developers, so let's build the API in MuleSoft. If you are a beginner or professional Muley, this article will help you implement the Racer API and participate in the race. Let's fasten up the seatbelt and start developing the  Racer API . Anypoint Speedway has made our lives easier by providing the readily available specification file. Pre-requisite racerId To enter the race, the RACER is required to register for the race and get a racerId. 1. Go to Anypoint Race API, and Click on Request Access

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