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Connect Free Oracle Autonomous Database from MuleSoft

 A database is the most commonly used backend in the integration world. We often build a lot of integrations with databases (be it as a source or target system). Likewise, working on a proof-of-concept, we always find it hard to have a database that we can use on a local machine or on the cloud. If we install a database on a local device it will consume a lot of resources. Not only that connecting from a cloud integration platform i.e. MuleSoft cloudhub is always tricky. Oracle has an always free-to-use Autonomous Database instance available on the cloud with limited features but is really a powerful database to use. We would say, it is one of the best suitable for doing proof of concepts and validation before working on an actual use case. We thought of giving it a try to connect MuleSoft to the Free version of the Autonomous Oracle database. We created a free trial account for Oracle and an always-free autonomous database instance. Once we have the instance created, we can connect

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