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FTP Polling using FTP JCA adapter in OSB 12c

We can poll files at regular intervals from a remote ftp/sftp server location using Oracle JCA adapter for FTP , with help of GET operation. We can integrate oracle JCA FTP adapter with BPEL, mediator, or OSB 12c. In this article, we will be creating one OSB project that will demonstrate polling of files from remote FTP location using FTP adapter and writing the files to our local server location Note:  Using JDeveloper 12c ( Pre-requisites: Connection factory configured in Weblogic server. User, configured in connection factory has the access to read and write files to target/from ftp location Steps: Let's start by creating a new project with the name "FTP_Polling". 1. Open "servicebus.sboverview" and drag FTP adapter from components palette to proxy services side. 2. Enter the adapter name and click on next. 3. In the next step, select Define from operation and schema (specified later). 4. Specify the JNDI of the connection factory (e.g. eis/Ftp/

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