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Handling XML response with or without namespace in Postman

 While testing an XML response in postman, we need to convert XML data to JSON in order to traverse child nodes of an XML document. XML documents can be with/without namespaces. If XML documents have namespaces, then those are declared as attributes to the XML tag. There may or may not be prefixes associated with XML tags containing namespaces. There are different methods or ways to convert XML to JSON, a few of which are described in this blog. XML to JSON without namespaces -- using xml2Json XML to JSON with namespaces  -- using xml2js Postman version : 8.0.7 Libraries : xml2Json, xml2js XML to JSON without namespaces Let's assume we are getting the below XML response from Webservice. <ROOT> <Account> <name>Name1</name> <id>123123</id> <address> <s

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