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Using REST APIs to manage Connections in OIC

In cases, when we have many connections created on the OIC instance, it becomes hard to manage connections using the OIC console. Also, to achieve automation, manually going and updating each and every connection is never a feasible task. OIC provides various REST APIs to fetch connection details, update connection properties and delete connections. With the help of these APIs, we can overcome such scenarios. In this blog, we will be discussing how to use various OIC connections REST APIs. A postman collection in the public workspace, which contains some of the use cases for this and can be forked, updated, and used accordingly. Below are various REST APIs, that are covered in this blog. Retrieve Connections Retrieve a Connection Update a Connection Test a Connection Refresh Metadata for a Connection Delete a Connection In this blog, we will be using Postman to test and run various APIs. Below is the link to the Postman collection, w

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