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Demystifying file read as attachment in SOA 12c

 In cases when we just want to move a file(without transformation) from one SFTP/FTP/file location to the other SFTP/FTP/file location, we can read a file with or without schema and then perform the write operation to the target location. If we provide an exact file schema for conversion to XML, it takes a lot of heap memory to transform from a csv or ffd to an XML document. In cases when files are not simple text files or schema is not available, one way to do so is to read the file as an opaque object and write it to a target location. In doing so, we still use a heap memory of the WebLogic server. If we are dealing with very large files, this may impact server performance as the conversion to opaque elements will take place behind the scenes. Using opaque schema is never recommended to process huge files. One better way of handling such a scenario is to read a file as an attachment in SOA 12c. Generally, we have below question: What is reading a file as an attachment means? In this

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