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Playing with XML Namespaces in Mule 4 Dataweave

 Today, the world is full of REST APIs which use JSON as a major message type. But we have a lot of applications and APIs in the middleware world which rely on XML message structures. XML messages are a bit more complex than JSON messages, as in XML messages namespaces play a vital role. A miss in the namespace can lead to errors that are sometimes unseen to normal eyes. In this blog, we will discuss various ways by which we can handle the transformation of XML messages with or without namespaces in Mule 4 using Dataweave. Transforming XML messages without namespaces Transforming XML messages with namespaces  1. Transforming XML messages without namespaces This conversion is pretty simple, all we need to consider is XPath and do the mapping accordingly. This is similar to the JSON data transformation Let's take an example of 2 XMLs, wherein both input and output XMLs don't have namespaces. The output we need to specify is application/xml . INP

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