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Database Xpath-extension Functions in SOA 12c

 In SOA, we can connect with databases using a database jca adapter and configuring the data source and connection factory in the WebLogic server . Sometimes, we may want to query the database directly within the BPEL component or XSLT without configuring a database jca adapter. For such use cases, we can take leverage of database functions that can be used within BPEL Assign Activity or XSLT transformations . We have 3 different database functions available, that can be used in different use cases. oraeext:sequence-next-val() oraext:lookup-table() oraext:query-database() 1. oraext:sequence-next-val() Syntax: oraext:sequence-next-val(sequence as string, dataSource as string) sequence:  Specify the sequence available in the database for which the next value needs to be extracted. dataSource:  Specify the Data source JNDI name as configured in WebLogic server or JDBC string in the format  jdbc:oracle:thin:username/password@host:p

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